Clash of Clans for PC Download (Windows 7/8) Computer

Play your favorite game Clash of plans on window 7/8 and window XP too. This game was introduced in the gaming world two years back, and it only took a breath to win the hearts and minds of gaming enthusiasts. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t hear about Clash of Clans, intact it has grown so popular that it’s now on the top charts of iOS and Android play store. The game plot is as simple as it can be. You have a village that you have to keep growing and a bunch of army guards to save your village from any attack, let your creation take the charge.


You can have the “sweet revenge “on your enemies by making a tougher army and attacking them. You are given a small land with a “town hall” or the main house that has to safeguard using walls and defenses, you can train your army well and then attack your distant team as well.

Clash of Clans or famously known as COC for the computer isn’t directly available from the official source. Here, we will be guiding you how you can download your favorite game using unofficial and safe methods with the help of blue stack or any other Android Emulator.

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In this game not only you are given gold mines and elixir drills to make your money and electors but you can also attack other villages and “steal” or claim their available gold and elixir out. If you attack well, you are rewarded with victory points that are seen as trophies. You can also challenge other clans by putting your clan against theirs in a war. The final test here seems not that easy as you have to defeat almighty gruesome Goblin King and claim the title of the most powerful clan. Feels like you are living ‘the Kings period’. All this is for free plus COC is free for iOS and Android, few things can be purchased using real money from the store. COC can be played only using the internet and is well connected. The leaderboards are very helpful in case you have any trouble.


Tutorial for Clash of Clans for PC Download (Windows 7/8) Computer. Read below for step by step instructions that will allow you to play COC on your PC.

Step 1:


An Emulator is necessary when you run or test an Android app in a Windows PC. There are many Emulators available in the market for various purposes like Android, Bluestacks Mobizen, and many others.

We will use Bluestacks as our primary Emulator and install Clash of Clans on Windows PC free of cost.

Download here

Step 2:


Using the PC site, you can Download and install the latest version of Bluestacks. After downloading install the app on PC by clicking on “Accept and Install” data option. After installing the app close it.

Step 3:


Restart the app. You will now enter Bluestacks homepage where you will notice various icons related to the Google Play store and apps. Type on the search bar Clan of Clash and then hit search. There are few search results displayed, click on any and download.

Step 4:


Once you have clicked on the link, now click on download. Once the app has been downloaded, now click on Install to complete the installation process. Your Clash of Clans is now downloaded and ready to play.

Wasn’t it simple?

Clash of Clans for PC Features and Functions:

Android user can use their Google play store to download this game. For users who don’t have smartphones can also have the pleasure of playing this game by downloading and installing this game on their PC free of cost. In this article, you are given all the elaborate instructions that will guide you how to install this game on your PC.

Before we you get engrossed in the game, let’s look at reasons why you should be downloading this game:

  • Play free of cast no extra charges
  • The store offers you few utilities that you buy using real money if you wish too.
  • Keep upgrading and expanding your village, unlock great warriors and strength your army
  • Attack on other villages to get the required money and elixir.
  • Can start a war against various clans and your clan can become the ultimate clan.
  • The final task is to defeat the Goblin King and claim the throne of “ultimate clan.”

These are some features of the game, and you will discover taste and many more when you play the game yourself.

I hope that people who wish to try this game are now even more enthusiast about it and the ones who already are a fan will continue to play and grow by downloading this game on PC following the above instructions. The game works on any computer Windows 7/8, XP and Mac as well.